There has always been the question of whether or not paranormal activity is truly a physical phenomena or psychic influence when experiencing a possible ghostly encounter. It has been pondered for ages and debated still to this day. How do you determine the difference between the two? and how do you prove it? Thanks to the constant development of scientific technology and gadgetry, we continue to make advancements with our tools of the trade, which are becoming smaller and smaller and completely more advanced. With all this, we just might be ready to answer these long awaited questions.

What we like to call PARANORMAL PHENOMENA has been teetering on the grey lines of finding proof that these strange events are indeed happening. However, many of these encounters have yet to be recorded and become nothing more than personal experiences.

With that said, Ross has been working with experts to developing what he calls the PARA-Suit. This device will help investigators monitor the human body while on investigations. What does this mean?

Today, there are many travel-sized gadgets that allow folks to monitor the heart, blood pressure and even the body’s temperature on apps for your smart phone.  With the advanced technology recording our physical state, then we should take it one step further and utilize this information to see how the human body reacts when experiencing a possible haunting.

The PARA-Suit will consist of a few sensors that will read the heart rate, body temperature and brainwaves. All of these readings will then be recorded onto a smart phone app to produce a graph during the investigation. If all this works correctly, then we will be able to see how much we are physically effected by these odd encounters and determine if there is more of a physical reaction or more of an internal one.

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