My Haunted Journal – By Ross Allison


My Haunted Journal offers basic ghost hunting tools and steps for those living with paranormal activity to learn to live with spirits. In its pages you will find out how to conduct your own investigation, descriptions of strange encounters you might face, the three simple rules for controlling your ghosts, what to do and not do when dealing with your troublesome guests, and how to journal your encounters with the unknown. Also included are explanations for why ghosts haunt, lists of things people mistake for hauntings, 20 ways to communicate with the spirit world and much more! It’s a fun and educational look into the paranormal, and once you’ve learned about the spirit world, the book becomes your very own Haunted Journal. Use the blank pages and reports to document your encounters as you use your new skills to investigate your haunted locations.

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Jealousy, Betrayal, Hate, Sadness


In the paranormal world we have this thing called PARADRAMA.  This isn’t anything new in any group (UFO’s, Bigfoot, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, etc.).  When you get people from all walks of life coming together because they love the same subject, you have to try to get along with all personality types.  There are the stone cold serious people that get upset if you even laugh, there are the jokesters that think it’s funny to pull pranks, there are the jealous people that aren’t happy for anyone that gets a big break or even a little EVP because they want it to be them and they try to do everything possible to bring those things to a halt or get other people with them to be bullies against that person.  I could go on and on and on.  I have witnessed a lot of mean people in my life, thank god, although hurt, I don’t usually hold a grudge, I get my feelings hurt for a bit, but then move on.  One thing that it’s harder for me to forgive and forget are the jealous and cruel people that hurt any of my friends.  It’s usually an unforgivable sin to me.  Although, I do tolerate people and I’m still nice, if I have to be (actually I’m usually always nice), but I don’t forget.


One of my best friends has endured all of those things in his life and it makes me sad they don’t know him the way I know him.  I just want everyone to take a moment and think of someone you have been hating, persecuting, bullying, just plain not liking and look for the reasons.  Is it because they are more successful?  Is it because they have some aspect in their lives that reminds you to much of yourself that you hate?  OR are they just big jerks themselves?  If they are big jerks themselves, try to get away from that negativity, but if you are the big jerk, find out the reasons why and how you can change that in yourself. Apologize to anyone you have hurt, start the healing.  Especially in teams that have to walk around in the dark with each other, you have to trust your teammates and feel safe with them.  If there is animosity and hatred, that team is not going to last or there is going to be a major blow out and everyone will leave.  We are all volunteers for our groups, we want this time to be fun and eventful, not having to deal with all that drama.

I am very thankful we have an amazing team.  We are mostly like minded and practice kindness and understanding.  If there is drama, it is usually taken to the side and worked out, or the person causing it just doesn’t come back.  So far it’s been incredible.  I am thankful everyday for this team and I hope everyone out there can feel the same in their situations.  I hope you can start the change if your team is experiencing it, get it all out on the table and talk it out.  You will either patch things up OR the trouble makers will blow up and leave, which would be the best situation.

Buyer Beware


We got on the subject today of scammers.  People who take advantage of desperate people mostly for money… A while ago, I had a woman client who said she had hired a man for $300.00 to Clear her house of spirits.  He said a voodoo ritual, burnt a huge pile of sage in one of her good pans (which ruined it) and spit a concoction all over her house that stained her walls and furniture, which she tried to call him back, surprisingly, he didn’t answer his phone.  I had another client who owns a hotel that said a man contacted her and said that he would bring his invention in and for a mere $4,000.00 he would get rid of all her ghosts.  When she said she wanted to keep her ghosts and wanted his name to check his credentials, he immediately hung up on her.  Surprise, surprise.

If a ghost hunting group or an individual want to charge you money to clear the spirits from your home or business, don’t trust them.  For one thing, if a group charges for their services, the client will expect results.  Our group are not Ghost Busters, we go into a client’s home or business to try to see if we can find evidence, that is enough for some people to see if we find something to prove they aren’t crazy.  We never charge for our services.  This is a labor of love.  If it sounds too good to be true, it USUALLY is!!  Always get a second opinion!  Please Beware!!



The Myrtles Plantation


Over the years I have watched many shows about the haunted Myrtles Plantation.  It was a dream come true to stay at this beautiful little plantation, talk to the staff about all of their ghost stories (some of the stories have not been featured on any of the shows), eat at the Carriage Restaurant, take the tour, stay in those amazing historic rooms, and just take in all that Southern Hospitality.

When I first walked in, I saw her standing in the gift shop and knew it was Miss Hester.  I tentatively asked her if that is who she was and she gave me the biggest hug. She was such a sweetheart. She gave us a wonderful tour, told us more of the stories, introduced us to all of the staff and got us set up in our rooms.


I did happen to have a strange experience. That night as I was coughing over and over and having trouble sleeping. I put my face in the pillow while I was coughing so I wouldn’t disturb Ross when all of a sudden on the other side of me by the door, I swear I heard a little girl say, “Are you alright?” I put my head up and said, Hello? Is someone in here with me?  Of course I didn’t have my recorder on because we had a lot more interviews and I didn’t want to take up all the memory.  So as soon as I thought I heard that, I grabbed my recorder that I had by the bed and turned it on and started asking some questions. DId not hear any other responses and wondered if I had just imagined it, but all the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  After that I was up the rest of the night hoping I might hear something else.  I have not gone through all the recordings yet, but I hope I have gotten something!  I will share if I did.


Nottoway Plantation


Ross and I went on another amazing, incredible trip, to work on our book, Haunted Historic Hotels, this time outside of New Orleans and to Savannah.

I’ll talk first about the Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, LA.


I can’t even describe as to how beautiful this Plantation is – majestic ancient oak trees, fountains, statues, beautiful twinkling lights as you walk around the grounds on a moonlit night, well manicured lawns and landscaping, it’s Tara come to life.  Also enjoyed that famous Southern hospitality, everyone was so nice and loved to share their ghostly stories with us.  Also to top it off, there is a beautiful little family graveyard in the back part of the property that you can go to at night, if you are brave enough.


It was first commissioned by John Randolph telling the architect to spare NO expense! Construction of Nottoway was completed in 1859 at an estimated $80,000, and to prevent any duplicate homes being built, Randolph destroyed the architect’s plans after completion.


It had a few different owners down the years, the last one being Odessa Owen. She lived alone in the massive house trying to maintain it with her limited resources. Knowing she was unable to adequately care for the house, Owen sold the plantation to Arlin K. Dease in 1980, who had restored three other antebellum mansions, including the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana with the caveat that she be allowed to live in house until her death. Dying in 2003, it was at this time the house ceased to be a private home.  Ross and I stayed in the room that she passed away in.  It has been said several times that people who leave the lights on in the bathroom or hallway, the lights will be turned off. Shadows have been seen, ghostly voices have been heard. But after seeing this magnificent place, and hearing all the history and love that was put into it, I think I would want to stay and haunt this Plantation too.



The U.S.S. Turner Joy – Haunted Ship Event

After many months of planning and setting things up, our Halloween event on the U.S.S. Turner Joy is finally over. Scott and Daniel had done just about EVERYTHING, it was amazing what they accomplished.  Jennifer helped get everyone in line, got all the props and makeup, just did an amazing job too. So blessed to have wonderful friends like them and especially have them in our group. I don’t know what I would do without them.  Anyway, things were a little rocky like finding volunteers that would actually commit and with the volunteers that were there, had to make sure they were safe and would stay.  But it is done, thank god, I feel like I am still recovering from it.

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Our trip to St. Augustine, FL, Iceland, London, and Scotland

In September we had such a whirlwind trip. Ross, Jon and I (June) first started off our paranormal journey going to St. Augustine to the legendary light house. Before the regular public ghost hunt started, we were treated to a private ghost hunt and tour. It is such an amazing place with so much incredible history. We did not get any tangible evidence but we did have some interesting personal experiences.

IMG_1411 St Augustine Lighthouse IMG_1431 IMG_1433

Our trip then took us to Iceland to Reykjavik, we did a lot more touristy things there but stayed in an old school house that is now an Inn, very cute place, basic beds and shared bathroom. We did manage to go to one of the oldest cemeteries:

IMG_1805 IMG_1788 IMG_1665 IMG_1642 IMG_1641 IMG_1620 IMG_1608 IMG_1606

I think the highlight of London was going to High Gate Cemetery, such an amazing place and we didn’t even get to see the “OLD” cemetery, but this was incredible:

IMG_1969 IMG_1966 IMG_1958 IMG_1947 IMG_1938 IMG_1930 IMG_1918 IMG_1906 IMG_1891 IMG_1857 (2) IMG_1854 IMG_1843 (2) IMG_1842 (2) IMG_1841 (2) IMG_1823 2 IMG_1810

Then we took a train to Edinburgh. It was AMAZING!! Mark and Aileen live in Scotland and took us to 8 castles AND let us go on an investigation with their group in Glasgow at the Victory Baths which is now a swimming pool. It was such an amazing trip and over too quickly:

IMG_2944 IMG_2953 IMG_2977 IMG_2997 IMG_3072 IMG_3098 IMG_2619 IMG_2654 IMG_2673 12184972_10153172896093144_7436139734578783896_o 12038205_10156151068250599_7584835590933714840_n IMG_2135 IMG_2165 IMG_2251 IMG_2246 IMG_2185 IMG_2261 2 IMG_2407 IMG_2421 IMG_2433 IMG_2469 2 IMG_2486 IMG_2500 IMG_2528 IMG_2548 IMG_2562 IMG_2577 IMG_2582 Doorways and Windows Church of Scotland Graveyard



One thing I don’t condone is lots of drama. Now I know there are times when there is an occasional spat or disagreement but usually those things resolve themselves and it’s over. I’m talking about gossip about someone you really don’t even know and then assuming ALL the rumors are true which escalates into witchiness, hatred, hurt feelings and people who love havoc and mayhem to just get a kick out of things. There have been times I have fallen victim of this, someone who doesn’t know me, all of a sudden sends me a nasty email or post saying something they have NO clue about. I always ignore ignorant people like that and don’t fall prey to their idiot rants.  I know a wonderful, sweet man who was also a victim of this for a long time, constant belittling by jealous people, people believing the rumors, people treating him like crap, some people still do. It breaks my heart now that I’ve gotten to call him one of my best friends that something like this could happen to such a gentle soul who NEVER talks bad about anyone.  I just wanted to throw this note out there, if you hear a rumor about someone, please find out for yourself, don’t just listen to everyone unless you have witnessed that behavior yourself. AND if you cause it because of jealousy or just pettiness, please check yourself and swallow your pride and just leave everyone alone. This is what causes most of the para-drama, don’t be that cause.

How can I REALLY believe?

ghost pic 18

What do I really believe? I know I’ve said a hundred times that the only reason I got into paranormal investigating was to disprove everything, but maybe that isn’t the case.  The only reason I think I really got into this was to hopefully find something, ANYTHING, I just can’t explain and really deem it to be paranormal. Even though I’ve had a LOT of strange things happen, can I really say it’s from someone that used to be alive? Not just my brain manifesting something and bringing it to life? I just don’t know. I hope so. The older I get, the more answers I wish I had, but I just have MORE questions. I have felt something touch my back, I have felt my hair being pulled, I’ve seen a dark shadow connecting to NO one living, I’ve gotten some awesome EVPs that I know can’t be anyone in the room, but is that enough? I don’t think it is. I think in order for me to truly believe, someone I know that has died, is going to have to appear to me as a full bodied apparition and tell me I have nothing to fear. Which I know is basically impossible. I feel sorry for me that I can’t just BELIEVE.  When I used to go to Church, I really did believe it, until I started to question things, then my mind made it virtually impossible for me to believe anymore. It sucks. I liked having blind faith and thinking that I would be completely cared for. Sadly, I don’t have that anymore, I wish I could have it back. Rationality can be a curse sometimes. Anyway, just something I was thinking about, how to make myself REALLY believe, I mean REALLY believe…hmmmm.

ghost pic 8