It’s best to listen to the EVP’s with Head Phones or at a very loud volume…



Wellington (later known as Tye) was a small unincorporated community and railroad community on the Great Northern Railway in northeastern King County, Washington.[1] Founded in 1893, it was located at the west portal of the original Cascade Tunnel under Stevens Pass. It is infamous for being the site of the March 1, 1910 Wellington avalanche, the worst avalanche in United States history, in which 96 people died.

After the disaster, the town’s name was changed to Tye, after the nearby Tye River, because of the negative connotation of the original name.

Tye was abandoned in 1929 when the second Cascade Tunnel came into use.

This ghost town went on to have an elementary school built and named after it. Wellington Elementary is an elementary school in the Northshore School District.

These EVP’s were captured at Wellington by Medea:

This one was beside the firepit, when the fire flared up, they got this little voice, can you tell what it says?

The Walker Ames House, Port Gamble, WA

These two pictures were taken one after the other at the Walker Ames House in Port Gamble, WA in the hallway where no one else was.


This EVP was actually a DVP – Direct Voice Phenomena where Scarlett and Casey were investigating the 2nd floor of the Walker Ames house and heard this with their own ears.  It sounds like a woman sobbing at first.  Everyone else was on the main floor and no one was even talking at the time.


Teen Center in Bellevue, WA

download (1)

A teen center in Bellevue that has been torn down now.  It used to be an old Funeral Home, Church and then turned it into a teen center with bands and fun things to do.  But a lot of the kids would complain about seeing shadows, hearing voices, seeing a little girl dance and then disappear.  When we did our Reveal of the evidence we found, things on their bulletin board started to fly off, no reason what so ever.

The first EVP is said after I said I needed some coffee, what do you think it says?

This next EVP is just me talking by myself saying how I forget not to whisper at times, but before that I asked if anybody was in the room, what do you hear?

Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, WA


This next EVP was from Lakewood Cemetery in Seattle.  Amy had just said that she felt like someone was following her and her K2 Meter was off the charts in the red, when there was nothing electronic close by her.  I set my recorder down on a tombstone, and you hear this voice.  What do you think it says?

Silvanna Cemetery, Silvanna, WA

This next EVP was taken from Silvanna Cemetery close to the little White Chapel.  Everyone else was on the other side of the cemetery, June Nixon was by herself on the other side, when she picked up this strange voice.

The Stanwood Hotel and Saloon, Stanwood, WA

Here are some interesting EVPs from the Stanwood Hotel and Saloon from Stanwood, WA.  It’s an amazing bar with fun Karaoke nights and a great crowd, do yourself a favor and spend the night, you may get an unseen guest checking up on you.  These were both taken early in the morning, no one was even close, the whole town rolls up with no houses close by.  There were no children in the bar at 4:00 in the morning.

This picture was taken at the Stanwood Hotel and Saloon, at first we thought it was a head and shoulders but it was a lamp on a table.  This is why it’s so important to take a regular picture along with the thermal picture.

Brandy’s Attic, Tacoma, WA


Very interesting investigation at Brandy’s Attic.  An antique store in Tacoma, WA.  To listen to the recording we hear deep, intense knocking.  This place is solid brick, knocking isn’t an easy feat to be so loud.  Merlyn asks the knocking to get louder and it does.  The bottom recording is the owners telling their story.



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One thought on “Evidence

  1. Good morning, Ross. I wanted to thank you for all the effort you’ve put into “Haunted Seattle” as I have truly enjoyed it. I so love the spooky tales, all wrapped up in a very interestingly arcane, local history bow! Really, just the best. Thanks!
    Your newest fan, Rainey


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