A.G.H.O.S.T. isn’t called the ADVANCED Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma for nothing.  We have ALL the latest equipment and use it to help in getting the best evidence we can for our clients.  A lot of groups try to prove there is paranormal activity by only using pyschics, Ouija boards, pendulums, automatic writing, etc.  But as Ross Allison usually says, you cannot prove the paranormal by using the paranormal.  Although we do use psychics in our group, they go through pretty rigorous testing to earn that title.


Throughout the history of investigating ghosts, many practices and devices have been used in the field to help open the doors of communication with the other side. However, most cannot be proven to produce solid evidence that could stand up to scientific debate. A majority of these can easily be manipulated by an individual. So tools like spirit boards, séances, dowsing rods, pendulums, automatic writing, channeling, or even using a psychic or medium falls under, “you can’t use the paranormal to prove the paranormal”. – from Ross Allison’s new book My Haunted Journal.
Now this isn’t saying you shouldn’t be able to use any of this equipment or experiment with it, it’s just saying that if you’re trying to prove there is paranormal activity someplace more people will believe in the facts.

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K2 EMF meters




 Thermal imaging


8 Channel DVR system

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 Banner_Smaller  Digital Camera

3 thoughts on “Tools/Equipment

  1. I was noticing the equipment that you use on your investigations and I didnt see any dowsing rods. Does anyone in your group use them or do you just use the other type of equipment. I am a newer investigater and found it very interesting for me to use the rods. I have been able to communicate with spirits using them.


  2. I’m a total amateur here – don’t have a clue what these tools are or what they do. They look specialized – and pricey – and I’m wondering if an aspiring ghost hunter must own some of these/all of these in order to be a successful ghost hunter.
    What do you recommend as a ‘basic start-up’ ghost hunting kit?
    I have been visited by ghosts in the past without going looking and without even a flashlight and I know that one in particular was seeking me, so this is why I ask.
    Thanks so much for any and all info!


    1. So sorry to take so long in answering you Char, I didn’t see that we had a message until today. But I think the MOST important things to start off with is a pretty good quality camera and a simple audio recorder. You don’t want a pricey audio recorder because a lot of them have background noise reducers and a lot of EVPs are in the background or quiet whispers, etc. But those are really important to just start off with. Always remember though to warn people before you use your flash and always take at least 2 or 3 pictures of the same area, If something appears on one picture and doesn’t appear on another picture, you may have something very interesting, but you always need another picture just in case. It’s nice to have a temperature guage and an EMF detector too, but be careful about spending too much money, a lot of these shows have driven up the cost of K2 meters and Mel meters, you can get some good used ones on Ebay. For the money, I would get a Mel meter, it has temperature and EMF on the same instrument and has a little red light you can use for a flashlight. Please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions so I won’t miss any more messages on here.


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