Check out photos from the AGHOST Investigation adventures

IR_0395 IR_0397 IR_0402 IR_0408 IR_0409 858036_10151812609648144_1999530154_o 1947392_10152215408804259_803340109_n 0ff97de8_o - June AGHOST - 2 Digital Camera 10007311_10202666104926607_1891305250_o Digital Camera Digital Camera 078_crop 006 Stanwood group 007 cropped 059

AGHOST Team at Blake Island  052
 054  Digital Camera
 009  012
 014  017_crop
 030  046
 093  Digital Camera
 Digital Camera  028
 029  083


 012  64946_10200283438185851_1185573577_n
 048  Digital Camera
 Digital Camera  Digital Camera
 Digital Camera  Digital Camera


 094  071
 015  004_crop
 154_crop  165
 1229805_10151583933378144_244822068_n  167
 054  053
 039  041
 163799_494868942894_257823137894_6287912_4052483_n  163831_494802402894_257823137894_6286863_2938882_n
 163836_494556302894_257823137894_6282931_5710822_n  Preston Castle in CA
 University Heights in Seattle, WA  Old Clock Tower in Tacoma, WA
 Water Tower Inn in St Louis, MO  Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA
 734269_141406779361838_692177490_n  -1 - Copy - Copy (2)
 2451  428908_342753892465536_91834896_n

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