13925054_284349558600579_6090177199267736315_n Scheduled to be out soon through Leprechaun Press.  Really informative book on what to do if you think your house or business is haunted or for paranormal groups on giving their best evidence to the client.  How to take notes and journal, what certain words mean, what kind of equipment to use… for any questions about this book, email



Spooked in Seattle – A Haunted HandbookOver 150 stories of true encounters, history, haunting facts and maps of public sites throughout the Seattle area. Seattle may not be as old as some would expect from a haunted city, but it has a large number of haunted sites and stories. Here you will journey through Seattle’s neighborhoods and hear of its public locations, history and tales of strange encounters. For those who love to venture off into darkened corners in search of ghosts and the unknown, this book will set you forth in the right direction. But be warned, this book will not protect you from the ghosts lurking within their walls.
Ghostology 101 – Becoming a ghost hunterThis book was written for those people who seek to investigate the paranormal using a scientific method. Those who are interested in this expanding field will find explanations and theories about ghost hunting and haunted locations. Others who are interested in forming a ghost hunting club will find an organization outline, complete with a charter, by-laws and forms to use when conducting a scientific investigation of ghosts.A description of the training and type of equipment used in the pursuit of the paranormal is provided in the book. An updated section includes such topics as haunted tours and locations in Washington State.
My Haunted Journal – Recording the unknownOffering basic ghost hunting tools and steps for those living with paranormal activity to learn to live with spirits. In its pages you will find how to conduct your own investigation, descriptions of strange encounters you might face, the three simple rules for controlling your ghosts, what to do and not do when dealing with your troublesome guests and how to journal your encounters with the unknown. Also included are explanations for why ghosts haunt, lists of things people mistake for hauntings, 20 ways to communicate with the spirit world and much more! It’s a fun and educational look into the paranormal, and once you’ve learned about the spirit world, the book becomes your very own Haunted Journal! Use the blank pages and reports to document your encounters as you use your new skills to investigate your haunted locations.
Psychology for the Ghost Hunter – What every ghost hunter should knowThis book takes the reader one step further into the world of investigating and understanding our paranormal minds. Here you will learn many different theories: scientific discoveries about psychology, games our minds play with us, perception, the possibility of how we might haunt ourselves and how we as ghost hunters can be influenced by the client just as much as we can influence them. Psychology has barely been touched on the world of the paranormal and this book will be the first to venture through that door.
  Haunted Historic Hotels – A Guide to Ghostly Accommodations
  Cursed – Famous curses from around the world
  Haunted Ships & Lighthouses of the West CoastHaunted tales of the sea often make their way towards land and become legend. From the top of the Alaskan coast down to where California meets Mexico, Haunted Ships and Lighthouses of the West Coast takes its reader on a chilling adventure of the high seas. Tales of mighty ships carrying heroic sailors and the waiting lovers they leave behind. This book covers the folklore and legends of the most famous ghost ships, their sightings and the lighthouses that guide them.
  Ghosts on Campus – Stories of ghosts that haunt studentsThroughout the world many college campuses possess stories of ghosts, legends and death. These stories get passed down through generations and bring fear to freshman living onsite. Are these stories true? Or are they just ways for seniors to dominate the new kids on campus? This book moves from state to state looking into each college and university to find out what may be haunting them.
   Disney’s 999 Ghosts & Counting – True hauntings at Disney parks & resorts
 10498634_628274017294236_6595020062037681549_o Tacoma’s Haunted History by Ross Allison and Teresa Nordheim
Tacoma hides in the shadows of Seattle, but what hides in the shadows of Tacoma? The city’s paranormal history is riddled with Native American culture, spiritualists, mysterious deaths, tragedy, and curses that dwell in the dark. Much of Tacoma is built directly on top of sacred lands, and many natives to the area can attest that the city is haunted by its past. Desecration of graves can leave troubling results. Hexed citizens can perish. An untimely death can leave behind a soul. These unfortunate circumstances bring forth tales of the strange and unexplainable. Are we alone in Tacoma or accompanied by ghosts of the past?
Spooked Again in Seattle – Return to more haunted Seattle sites


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