Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Skeptic? – Ross Allison’s Angry Ghost Hunter Blog – By Ross Allison

Another post from Ross Allison’s Angry Ghost Hunter blog from a couple of years ago. Always good to repeat these.

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Who’s afraid of the big bad skeptic?

You find yourself alone in a mist-filled cemetery as dawn breaks. Fading light traces the beautiful etchings on the tombstones around you. You’re at peace, surrounded by the dead with your digital recorder in one hand and a camera in the other. Wait a minute. What’s that? You hear the sound of a breaking twig from somewhere nearby. You suddenly realize you are NOT alone. Next, you hear footsteps, drawing closer and closer. Oh no! It’s the Skeptics. You can’t run, for Doubting Thomases are hot on your tracks. You can’t even hide, for their rolling eyes always seem to find you. They appear out of nowhere, reaching for you with their sharp pointy fingers, piercing your balloons of evidence with a sudden POP! It’s like waking from a zombie-filled nightmare.
It’s one of the many fears most paranormal investigators face every time we bring forth new ideas and evidence to the ever growing debate table. We learn it’s not the dead we need fear, it’s the living. Those who question our beliefs, strategy or even our findings have no problem passing judgment. They seem to find no trouble ripping down our walls of confidence and poking at our bellies of theory.
Through the ages, the idea of ghosts has come a long way. Ghost enthusiasts no longer have to hide in the dark along with our ghostly companions. Our numbers have grown such that we can now march in our own parade. However, we still fear those who stand on the sidelines, picketing and chanting against us.
Now, I know I’ve just painted a really ugly picture of those BIG bad skeptics out there. In fact there very well could be one in your own family (SCREAM!!!!!!). In all honesty, they are not as scary as some might imagine. Have we become less tolerant of them as they sometimes are of us?
A few years ago, a local skeptics group contacted me to arrange a speaking engagement on ghost hunting. I replied “Sure, I’d be happy too.” There was a silent pause on the phone, and then, the voice answered back, “Really?” I reaffirmed my answer, “Sure, why not?” To my surprise, I discovered the caller had been trying for months to get anyone in the ghost hunting field to speak to his group but came up with rejection after rejection from all the local groups. No one wanted to submit to appearing in front of a bunch of skeptics. WTF! We ghost hunters can hang out in cemeteries in the middle of the night with no fear but cower to a healthy debate on the discussion of paranormal activity? COME ON PEOPLE!
Just because someone calls themselves a skeptic, does not mean that they are closed-minded or they’re in search of the odd-man-out for next week’s public hanging. These people had valid questions, and I delivered answers. They were just as curious about the world of strange encounters, as we ghost hunters are. Sure, some may not be big believers in ghosts, but who’s to say that they can’t believe in the possibility of the unexplained events we encounter.
“SKEPTICISM” seems to be a big scary word for those in the field of paranormal research. But yet we try to encourage those who seek ghosts to carry a fair share of skepticism with them when they venture out into the dark. This is to keep anyone in this field more level headed and not so eager to label everything they encounter “paranormal.” Yet, I feel we have failed if paranormal investigators are not capable of being confident enough in their findings to face a skeptical review.
Now, granted there is a point when you can be too skeptical. Here the debate can go on forever with no conclusion, and you have to walk away agreeing to disagree. However, skeptics are not our enemies; they often challenge our observations while presenting different ways to view material. These views help us peel away the mistakes today’s ghost hunters often make in producing evidence. When the skeptics themselves cannot come up with an answer to support or refute data, then we’ve done our job properly. It’s those puzzling findings that show the world we are NOT wasting our time. When we enter the debate without first examining those elements we want to call PROOF POSITIVE with a skeptical eye, we fail to engage in the true science of our investigations or prepare ourselves for the larger debate. To avoid wasting time in the discussion of paranormal activity, ghost hunters should acknowledge and make use of skepticism as one of our most useful ghost hunting tools, which is too frequently lacking in most ghost hunters’ toolboxes.

Love this old Spirit Photography

10301590_10154278217450615_4231636238944511986_n  It’s so amazing how a LOT of people believed most of these pictures were real. Part of me wishes that I had that blind belief to look at something and believe it COMPLETELY. Sadly, I don’t have that and question everything. EVEN things I have seen with my own eyes, I still question it. I envy people who believe in things 100% with their whole hearts. 

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The Fear Factor – The Angry Ghost Hunter Blog – By Ross Allison



The Fear Factor
The time is 5:18 am as the game hunters, dressed in their pale colored cammo, sneak through the heavy wooded area, careful to avoid making any sudden sounds. They’re fully equipped with the latest night vision scope and their rifles are loaded, ready to take aim as they press on in search of a living target. A distant sound pulls their attention due north. The hunter draws his rifle close to his face as he pears through the scope hoping to see the tender prey at the other end. His vision dances from left to right seeking out what might have made such a sound. Just then, his eye locks on the eye of the small guilty critter. The hunter suddenly drops his gun and screams to his partner, RUN, RUN! As they stumbling over the brush covered ground in their hasty retreat, leaving the furry little beast of a rabbit confused as it scampers away in the opposite direction.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? However, it is fairly common practice in the field of ghost hunting and investigating. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed this personally and while watching popular television shows, on which some ghost hunters display such an unprofessional reaction to the slightest oddity in their environment.

For those tip toeing into the world of specters, boo’s and spirits, our reasons for pursuing ghosts are as individual as each and every one of us carrying around that faithful EMF detector. Its trusty detection warns us of the unseen world skulking in the shadows. We all want to believe there’s something out there or find proof we don’t sleep alone in the dark. However, why is it that when these unique opportunities of surprising encounters happen, people run away screaming? OMG!!! I’m literally pulling out my hair when I see this happen time and time again.

We are supposed to be professional ghost hunters, and we can’t even deal with the bumps in the night, the quick passing of shadows, or being the first to enter a scary dark room. Do you NOT understand the concept of true ghost hunting? Now, I totally comprehend that it is only human to find ourselves getting startled when something unexpected happens. Hell, I’ve done it myself. So why is it so difficult to take this opportunity to summon the courage to collect data needed to prove the encounter? Instead, we run away from the slightest pops and creaks around us. Maybe we should just redirect the concept of “Ghost Hunting” and call it “Ghost Running”.

Hollywood, the media and even religious beliefs are truly the cause of our fears. They have toyed with our perception of the undead world. We grow up thinking these paranormal forces are only out to harm us or even kill us, thinking that these ghostly beings are something to be feared, leaving us cowering like babies in the corner crying for our mommies.

Ghost hunting has recently become more of a popular sport, just like our game hunters. Everyone wants that deer-headed trophy to hang over their fireplace to show off their achievements. For ghost hunters, that trophy is nothing more than that strange experience they get to share when telling their stories or even that odd recording they might have captured. Nonetheless, due to the attractiveness of ghost shows on just about every network, most dabbling in this field are not really involved for the right seasons. These are what we call the “Thrill Seekers”, those simply needing to satisfy their own curiosities, and to quench their own adrenalin rush when confronted by the unknown. It’s the same thrill that gets the heart pumping and gives us that rush as if we just stepped off the greatest roller coaster ride. If somehow, we could eliminate this need to scare ourselves like little schoolchildren poking around with the Ouija board at a slumber party, we’d be off to a stronger and more respectful start.

It all comes down to dealing with our own responses, our fight or flight syndrome and whether the unexpected encounter was a legitimate paranormal phenomena or not. We need to face our fears and confront what it is that makes us fearful in the first place. Is it that knocking noise from behind us? If so, then we must find out what caused the sound rather than running from it. For a true ghost hunter will need COURAGE, DISCIPLINE and even INQUISITIVENESS to truly face the world of the unknown. These skills help us when faced with challenging and scary situations, helping us to resist the temptation of giving in to our personal fear factors. We must remember that we are doing serious work, collecting data in pursuit of our ghostly encounters. This is the true calling of the ghost hunt!


Now I’m a Believer – But also still a Skeptic – By June Nixon

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People ask me all the time what was the experience that got you believing there really is something paranormal out there. Well, I can tell you, when I decided to start delving into this field I went in to prove everything has an explanation, I didn’t believe there was anything out there, just believed that sadly when you die, you just die, end of story. I didn’t like it, but that is what I thought. But I was still really fascinated with the concept and wanted to see if something could prove me wrong. I’ve always loved anything about ghosts, ghost stories, ghost movies, Halloween, etc. Ever since I was about 5 years old, couldn’t get enough of Scooby Doo, Tales from the Dark Side Comic books or The Vault Comic books (yes, most other girls were reading The Archies, or really NO comic books), loved the old Hammer Horror movies with Christopher Lee playing Dracula, Dark Shadows Soap Opera, etc. I just loved to get goosebumps and be “pretend” scared. I’ve heard it said once that people who have lost someone before the age of 5 are a lot more prone to be obsessed with the paranormal. I had seen my dog get run over by a motorcycle and was in the room when my grandfather passed away, when I was that age, so that could explain it.

So enough about my childhood. When I decided I wanted to be a paranormal investigator I started taking a lot of classes in the subject. Neil McNeill offers some amazing classes, if you are interested, Google him and see where his next class is. You will be very happy you did. Anyway, he offers a class where you are in the classroom 2 or 3 times and the last class is an investigation somewhere. This one ended at the Walker Ames house in Port Gamble, WA. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon, we were setting up and getting a tour of the place. Neil had mentioned to us that we should stay out of this little hallway that was between the bathroom and the landing on the second floor because he felt there was some energy there that just didn’t want us in that area. So a few minutes later I came out of one of the side bedrooms and heard Neil talking with someone and saw his shadow in that same hallway, I started to walk in that direction when the shadow darted towards me and disappeared. I jumped a little expecting to see that Neil had walked into the little bathroom area, but he wasn’t there, I then found him and another person talking in the side room. I interrupted and asked if he had just been standing there. He had said no. We were the only 3 people on the second floor. I was stunned. I saw that shadow, standing there, then as I thought about it, it was very dark, short kind of stocky and bald. Neil is none of those things. Also I had him stand in the place where I would have just seen his shadow and not him, there was NO way I could have seen a shadow of a person there without seeing the person too, AND since it was so late in the afternoon and the sun was setting earlier, any persons shadow that would have been standing there, would have been elongated, not standing straight up and down. I tried EVERYTHING to debunk it. I even thought to get a leaf, tear it into a person shape and put it on the window. The window is stained glass so there was no way there could be a clear precise outline of a shadow. I was at a loss and my mind was blown. There was NO explanation for it at all. AND what REALLY clinched it was a woman from downstairs walked up the stairs right after that, and exclaimed that she just saw a shadow fly by her without even knowing that is what we were talking about. THAT is when I knew there had to be something else out there. That incident started a major fire underneath me and I have now been doing this for years and years, still having lots of questions and NO ANSWERS for so many things. It has been a ride that I plan to stay on for a long, long time.

Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours – An Examiner.com article by Teresa Nordheim

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Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours
Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours isn’t your average tour. The tour guides don’t walk aimlessly around Seattle trying to scare the pants off of unsuspecting tourists. In fact, those looking for a scary tour filled with mystical beings and made up ghostly tales are in for a surprise. Without giving away too many secrets, here is a sneak peak of a tour.

The tour begins at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle, Washington and takes people on an adventure around Pioneer Square, the surrounding area, and even underground. On the night of my tour, I had the pleasure of being escorted by Ross Allison, one of the owners ofSpooked in Seattle Ghost Tours. With over twenty years of paranormal investigation experience, authoring several books, appearing on national television, and teaching classes at a university level, it’s safe to say Ross is an expert in the field of everything ghost related. Therefore, he doesn’t settle for fake ghost stories or planned theatrical hype. Instead,Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours specializes in creating an environment based on facts and personal experiences.

Ross met the crowd dressed in full costume with a top hat and traditional Victorian gentleman formal wear. This really sets the mood for the adventure, but don’t be fooled. While he appears to have stepped out from another time and place, he has many modern items hiding in his tote bag. Those secrets will be revealed.

The first of his modern-day helpers come to life immediately. The tour guide wears a microphone to help the crowd hear the stories and directions. The tour starts with a history lesson on the name of the city. Along the way, there are many stops on the 90-minute tour. At each stop, brings another true ghost story. As the tour guide tells the story, they also share visuals on an iPad. These images and videos directly connect to each story and add to the mystery and depth of the tales. At one location, the guide shares evidence of an EVP or electronic voice phenomena collected while investigating the site. This audio clip made several in the crowd jump.

At several of the locations, the tour visits the inside of the buildings and gives the crowd a hands on feel for the stories. Imagine hearing a ghost story and then being told, you are standing on the exact spot where a man committed suicide many years ago. Is it terrifying? Not really, but it certainly brings the brain to life in a hurry.

This isn’t an experience of sitting around the campfire and telling ghost stories. It’s a history lesson, a touch of ghost hunting, a lot of laughter and excitement, and fun for the entire family. Those wanting to learn more about the ghosts which haunt Seattle or looking for a unique adventure should seek this tour.

Para Drama – By Ross Allison from his Angry Ghost Hunter Blog

I like to pull up some of Ross’ old posts on his Angry Ghost Hunter Blog because some of them should be repeated. I have seen a lot of para-drama first hand and know some of the damage it can do. It’s very sad when I see wonderful people judged and condemned because of hearsay or because someone is just malicious and a bully toward others. I am proud to say that I have friends in all the teams out there and we all work together instead of nitpicking and calling each other names. Life is too short people and in our field, we would like to find answers BEFORE we get to the other side, so let’s work together to do so. – June

So here is Ross’ blog from May of 2012:

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SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2012

Para-Drama, is there a need for it?

“Witch! Witch!” is shouted from the crowd, raising their pitchforks and torches as they chase down the accused for the public witch burning. Witch Hunts demonstrate how greed, jealousy, fear and misunderstandings lead to many misfortunes of those involved. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior still occurs today. Now, Western Cutler no long tolerates witch burnings (too messy), but we still can be labeled accusers, as we point the finger and do the name calling. There are still followers, those who chant out wrong doings with pitchforks and torches in hand (well, maybe not pitchforks and torches, more like cellphones and ipads) and lastly, the victim, the individual tied to the stake.

We know what it’s like to have the aching feeling of a knife pierced in our backs, or to have participated in the whispering taunts when that person leaves the room. And kept the rumor mill spinning as we spread the juicy gossip of the he said, she said crap. We all have been a victim of it or even in some way a part of it. Drama, drama, drama! Even when we have both hands on the wheel, we just can’t steer away from it. It’s in our homes, workplaces and even our best of friends can dish us up a good heaping pile of it. So it’s no surprise we find it even in the field of paranormal. “SCREAM!!!!!”

In fact, it’s so common that we have given it its own word “Para-Drama.” Now, it’s nothing you’ll find in the dictionary, and it still comes up underlined in red when using Spellcheck, but it’s becoming a popular word among us ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. It is nothing more than conflict regarding any given situation or series of events caused by individuals or groups in the paranormal investigation field.

Throughout my years in this field, I have experienced betrayal, rejection, ridicule, and heartbreak. I have been witness to plenty of drama played out in several groups (including my own), usually ending with folks leaving a group, being excluded or even termination. I have witnessed emails and online fights break out among members and other groups. These conflicts can be the focus of investigation methods, interpretation of data, psychic impressions, protocol, territory, personal conflicts, equipment used or obtained evidence, investigation location, media and even becoming a popularity contest just to name a few.

Let’s be frank here, is this level of immaturity and unprofessionalism getting completely out of hand? Has investigating the spooks sparked our inner children? And now we take our toys and run when things don’t go our way?


With overwhelming amount of people chasing ghosts, many groups and individuals have been known to display egos, competitiveness and jealousy targeted at those they simply disagree with or don’t understand and in most cases, don’t even know personally. It’s the belief that if we make others look bad, we make ourselves look good. But who really has the time for this type of behavior?

Are we so prepared to go to war with our fellow ghost hunter, when we may not even have the facts straight? We call ourselves investigators, yet in most cases we have not even taken the correct steps in finding truth to what’s happened when dealing with the situation. Could all this simply be nothing more than wrong assumptions, misinterpretations which lead to multiple opportunities for misunderstandings in our community, all due to the lack of communication we have with one another? Remember, every tale has two sides to the same story.

Take this example for instance: In the casino you spend $20 on a slot machine that just didn’t pay out. As you walk away, some stranger jumps on the same machine and pops in a nickel and hits the jackpot. How does this make you feel? You’re pissed, even furious at the person who just won big. It’s human nature that effects our reactions and influences our behavior towards perfectly innocent and random events.

Just like in ghost research, we can spend hours investigating a haunted location and get nothing, but when another team goes in and walks away with something amazing, we tend to respond with “We didn’t get anything there; so it wasn’t haunted, so that group must have faked their evidence.” This type of thing happens all the time. And the term for this is simply jealousy. Remember with ghost hunting, it’s all about being at the right place at the right time.

There is no such thing as a perfect team or investigator; there will always be power struggles, conflicts, personality clashes, and disagreements about how others feel the group should be run. In fact, you may not agree with some of the techniques and/or equipment used on investigations, however, we all strive to do our best to learn what works and what doesn’t.

We don’t need to deal with a rat race to find the perfect evidence or to become the most popular group. It’s almost like geeks vs. jocks in high school. And in this field, we know the geeks are going to win ;-)The best thing you can do to avoid this type of behavior and prevent yourself from becoming a Para-Drama Queen is to leave the negative attitude at home. Always be professional. You don’t have to like everyone in this field, just treat them with respect. Remember attitude is everything.

What we need to do is work together. Learn to develop better ways of having direct communication with the other groups and individuals in this field. Have a face-to-face conversation if at all possible or at least on the phone which offers a more effective way in communication. Here are few good reasons why you’ll want to do this:

  1. Issues can be dealt with faster
  2. Less room for misunderstanding in the content of the text
  3. Builds relationships & communication skills

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim in how your email was interpreted.  Potential damage is done through emails and text, often enough that can never be repaired.

So get off the Para-Drama bandwagon and motivate yourself and your team to what brought you here in the first place, to have a better understanding of the unknown. For your experience in this field should never be diminished by resentment or our own insecurities but filled with the pleasure of having that encounter you’ve been longing for, an experience filled with the paranormal and NOT Para-Drama.

Ghost Sex – By June Nixon

Supposed to be a picture that a woman caught of two ghosts having sex with each other…

I’m sure this won’t be the only post about ghost sex but I just wanted to write about it. There are times when I think the perfect boyfriend would be a solid form (in just the right places) that I could conjur up and when I was done, make him go away…yes, I still have some commitment issues. But would I really want to be woken up with an invisible touch and forced to have sex with some energy field or whatever it would feel like? Hmmmm, maybe. But it depends how violent and how many times it would happen. The reason I bring this up is that I had a woman tonight contact me and tell me that she has been raped and violated by an unseen force and she doesn’t know what to do about it. Personally, I didn’t know what to do about it. Do I think she is a nutcase? Part of me does. BUT do I think she needs some kind of help, yes, I think she may need to talk with someone as in the counseling field or psychology field or even talk with her clergy if she goes to church.  This was all going through my head when she immediately started moaning and screaming that it was happening (as I heard a bit of a loud buzzing) then and then she proceeded to ask me if I liked it and I could join them at any time. So, that ended my pervy ghost sex threesome that I was not planning on having, because she is was obviously someone that got her kicks that way. I’m just glad I didn’t head over to her house with my team. That would have been embarrassing.

But honestly, how many women through history have talked about ghosts coming back from the grave and taking on a solid form and able to perform sexual intercourse with the woman OR the man, have hear it both way. Like the Famous Entity Case (Google it if you haven’t heard it), or many cases of incubus or succubus seducing men or women. There have been several stories of women or men losing their lovers and their ghost appears to them in their home and they make loves for months and years until the spirit decides it’s time for them to leave. Are those types of stories made up by the person who was grieving so much they made them come to life because they weren’t ready to let go of them yet?

ghost pic 18 untitled shutterstock_82381516-1

Grief can do powerful things to a person, when losing a best friend, lover, husband, wife, your not only losing such an amazing closeness, you are losing that intimacy and trust that you had for so long. It’s some of the worst pain that can be lost and we find many different ways to cope with that grief.

Being divorced and not having that love and loss, I can’t understand what these people are going through, but after my divorce I came a little close to that feeling of horrible sadness and betrayal, but he was still living and my love for him had greatly diminished at that time. Some day I do dream that I will find my “soul-mate” someone who will love me unconditionally and share my life with me. Even if it’s not a lover, just that intimacy and closeness and love. I guess if I found that person and lost them, I would give anything in the world to have them come back for just one touch again.

So, ghost sex, is it real?? A lot of people say YES it’s real, More people say it’s a figment of someone’s imagination.  So if you’ve had any experience in this matter or know of someone, would love to hear the stories, you can comment here OR if you want to email them to me at aghostjunevp@gmail.com. If you are brave enough, would love to talk about it on our Ghost Gurlz radio show too.

The Ghost Gurlz of the Pacific Northwest – By Teresa Nordheim

This is an older article that Teresa Nordheim had written about The Ghost Gurlz, join us for our Radio show on Thursday nights at 7:00.


Located in the Pacific Northwest is a group of all-female ghost hunters. They call themselves the Ghost Gurlz and pride themselves in showing the public that they are not only beautiful women, but skilled ghost hunters as well.

The Ghost Gurlz consists of June, Casi, and Medea. They are often joined by a special guest, Wendy, who helps with their talk-radio show. The radio show takes listens along on a live broadcast of their investigation or reveals findings from a previous investigation. They each bring a unique quality to the group, and together they create a show that is both interesting and entertaining.

1. Do you think women have any advantages over men when it comes to ghost hunting? What about disadvantages?

Medea: I haven’t really noticed any difference in how we work that doesn’t replay itself in every other work/social dynamic.

June: A lot of time people expect if you call yourself an all-girl group you, should be really hot, although Casi and Medea are really hot, I’ve got big girl hotness and attitude.

Casi: Women are naturally more emotional in life. I think we can be sympathetic/empathetic towards certain situations sometimes better than men and not miss some of those details and feelings that can come through during an investigation.

Wendy: It looks to be a fairly level playing field on the actual investigation?

2. Is it possible to ghost hunt in high heels?

Medea: I guess you could. I think are uncomfortable, unsafe, and loud. I was on an investigation where someone showed up with heeled boots on. I had so much audio that included nothing but the click, click, clack. We typically are on our feet all night when working, so I’m a sneaker and Dr. Martens girl myself.

June: Yep, I agree with Medea, unless you are sitting down the whole time, do not wear heals or hard soles on an investigation. It really stinks to go through audio and only hear loud footsteps stomping around, and you know it’s not paranormal.

Casi: Gurlz, gurlz, gurlz! You can totally wear high heels to an investigation… then change into comfy rubber soles. *wink

Wendy: LOL! I can’t even walk in high heels, let alone try to navigate tricky, shadowy terrain in them!

3. What is your favorite location which you have investigated and why?

Medea: Right now, the main portion of the Seattle Underground, which is now effectively closed to investigations, is my favorite.

June: My heart still belongs to Port Gamble, WA at the Walker Ames house that is the first time I saw a shadow in the shape of a person that moved and was not connected to anyone. I can’t explain that and it really made me a bit of a believer.

Casi: I have a powerful draw to Wellington, Washington and the emotions attached with the lives lost. I’ve had personal, amazing experiences there!

Wendy: I’ve only done one actual investigation so far. It was Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, IA.

4. Do you believe in ghosts?

Medea: I don’t know. I have seen some pretty convincing evidence, but I think firm belief might kind of close the book on my search. Once I start firmly believing I know the answers, I’m afraid I will stop asking the questions.

June: I agree with Medea. No matter, how many things I have heard or seen there is a tiny voice in the back of my head that thinks there still might be a rational explanation for it. I think what is going to have to happen for me to believe 100%, I’m going to have to see a full-bodied apparition appear in front of me and shake my hand.

Casi: Yes, I do.

Wendy: Yes, I do believe in ghosts and the spirit world, but I very seldom believe what a lot of people claim to see/hear/feel is an actual ghost or paranormal activity.

5. Have you seen a ghost?

Medea: I have seen a few full-bodied apparitions. Are those ghosts? That is still yet to be determined.

June: Like I said, I have seen some unexplained shadows in the shape of people. I have seen something white wisp by me one way then changes and goes back the other way, but have never seen some completely materialize. I would love to.

Casi: I’ve never seen one with my own eyes, but then I’ve never seen oxygen either, and I know it’s there.

Wendy: I have caught unexplainable movement out of the corner of my eye and had some very odd feelings and experiences that had no logical explanation, but I have not seen a full-on ghost anywhere but dreamland.

6. What is the coolest EVP you have heard?

Medea: While in Wellington, I separated from my group to make coffee. I poured an extra cup of coffee and sat it on the picnic table nearby. Though my recorder was sitting in my camp chair about ten feet away, it picked up a woman said, “Thank you, for putting me a cup of coffee” a child-like voice said, “Thank you” and a gravely male voice said, “a whole cup of hot coffee.” The next year I went back and did another EVP session. I said, “I bet you don’t remember me.” A male voice responded, “You brung coffee.”

June: At the Stanwood Hotel and Saloon, we caught several minutes of children talking absolutely no explanation for that whatsoever in a bar at 1:00 in the morning.

Casi: My very first one I caught. A voice told me, “You shouldn’t do that” when I was talking with another investigator about going alone anywhere on an investigation.

Wendy: The one little girl crying and screaming and the man telling her to hush, and a little boy saying his Mommy was dead.

7. Have you ever been touched by a ghost?

Medea: I have been touched by something on several occasions. I think I was also actually struck once with a bit of force. Not sure what the intention was, didn’t know its own strength, or wanted me to leave.

June: I have felt something pull my hair a few times. I have felt something across my neck a few times, which felt like an ice cube being drugged across me. I have also felt a slight touch on my arm and back.

Casi: I’ve had a couple of experiences, most recently at the location in Alki we’re investigating this week.

Wendy: I don’t think so, but some out of the blue goosebumps/crawly skin could have been something I suppose.

8. Do you ever get scared when you are ghost hunting?

Medea: Yes, when Sasquatch decided to show up on an outdoor investigation, I felt true “run for my life” fear.

June: I never am scared of the paranormal. I’m much more afraid of the living than the dead.

Casi: I don’t feel I’ve ever purposely put myself in a dangerous situation on one of our hunts.

Wendy: Yep, pretty much scared, or at least extremely anxious, the whole time.

9. What precautions do you take for safety when you are ghost hunting?

Medea: Knowledge about the hazard of a location is very important. It is really important to dress appropriately for the weather, to make sure that respirators are available in area where air quality is in question. With dilapidated structures, the danger can come from above and below. I just make sure I pay attention to my surroundings, and that I am prepared for most predictable scenarios.

June: It’s nice to do a scope of the area before hand in the light to see if there are any dangers. Also in case there are any wild animals (4 legged and two legged) I carry some mace with me now.

Casi: Be very aware of your surroundings and carry plenty of batteries.

Wendy: Walk the place in the daylight to spot and make a note of potential hazards such as holes in the floor, mold on the walls, walls about to fall down, and so on. Take appropriate PPE and be aware of my surroundings. It’s pretty much like being on a construction site and the safety training applies to both situations. Watch for spiders!

10. What is your favorite piece of equipment?

Medea: My brain.

June: I love my digital camera and digital recorder the best.

Casi: Besides my own senses, my voice recorder. I’ve had most of my evidence by way of EVP.

Wendy: All the above.

11. Do you ever try to aggravate a ghost to get a response?

Medea: No

June: No, I don’t agree with that at all. How would you like it if someone came into your home and started yelling at you to respond to them? I would just leave and ignore those people or make sure their lives were a living hell for being so rude.

Casi: I will be a little aggressive if I think it’s warranted in the situation, but would never be disrespectful or belligerent.

Wendy: I agree, but I admit I had trouble asking questions and talking much on my one time out.

12. What haunted location are you just “dying” to visit?

Medea: The Coliseum in Rome

June: Mary King’s Cross in Edinburgh, Scotland

Casi: Waverly Hills Asylum in Kentucky

Wendy: Stonehenge

13. Who is cuter, Slimer or Casper?

Medea: Casper

June: I love my little Casper.

Casi: Slimer. That is one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite ghosties.

Wendy: Casper of course. He even has a friend named Wendy.

14. Which one of you gets into the most trouble on ghost hunts?

Medea: Casi because she can’t, NOT touch things.

June: Yep, Casi loves to touch things and crawl into holes that have not been opened in a century.

Casi: Probably me. I have a weird need to touch things that haven’t been touched in a hundred years. I feel like this helps me connect to the time, place, and people. I’ve always done that.

Wendy: I plead the fifth.

15. What advice do you have for women or kids who want to start ghost hunting?

Medea: Do it!

June: I think if you really want to know a lot of ins and outs of it, start with a nice Ghost Walk at Spooked in Seattle, then take some ghost hunting classes. Ross Allison is going to start offering them but also Neil McNeill has some excellent classes that he offers. Some of the community colleges offer them too.

Casi: Go for it! My 10-year-old son Taylor loves to ghost hunt with me. I’m so proud of how brave he is; It humbles me.
Wendy: I’m not experienced enough to be giving much if any advice. Be careful and keep your wits about you would be top of the list though.

One last question: Who would you rather meet up with on a dark and stormy night: a ghost, an alien, or Bigfoot?

Medea: I would rather not wet my pants, or melt my brain. So ghost, most definitely.

June: I usually attract big scary men. So I’m sure Bigfoot would want me for his bride. Aliens, no anal probe for me, thank you. So I would LOVE to meet a ghostie in person. I especially wish my mom’s mother would appear to me and tell me about her life.

Casi: Ghostie wins hands down.

Wendy: Bigfoot. I tend to be able to gentle fierce creatures. Although I might not mind meeting a ghostly ancestor or two – if I could survive the initial shock and actually have a conversation with them.

Spooked in Seattle: A Haunted Handbook (America’s Haunted Road Trip) By Ross Allison


Seattle may not be as old as some would expect from a haunted city. But it has a large number of haunted sites and stories. Spooked in Seattle will lead readers on a journey through Seattle’s neighborhoods and reveal the city’s public locations, history, and tales of strange encounters. For those who love to venture off into corners in search of ghosts and the unknown, this book will set readers forth in the right direction.

Spooked in Seattle features more than 150 haunted locations, historic and contemporary photos, top ten questions about ghosts, Seattle’s top ten most haunted places, location maps and addresses, Seattle history and haunted facts, Seattle cemeteries and tombstone symbols, and more.

Spooked in Seattle presents many locations throughout the city that are believed to be haunted, claim to have ghosts, or have undergone investigation. All of these stories are broken down into sections based on the city’s neighborhoods with corresponding addresses to make finding them easier for the ghost enthusiasts. Maps and photos help bring to life the locations, making the Seattle ghosthunting experience easy and enjoyable.

The Human Barometer By Julie Lynn Try


That’s what a team member called me once. I laughed, but the best equipment that you have as an investigator is…well…YOU.

Your body will tell you things. We seem to work hard on dulling our sense by ignoring what we feel or focusing on our necessary day to day tasks. This is completely normal and important to getting through what we need to accomplish. The trick is to get to know the signals in your different environments.

You should keep in mind that I am only on an initial step in my journey. I am not a doctor, and I’m not an expert. Anything I share is from my own experience. There are many of you who likely know a lot more, so I encourage you to share and comment but please be gentle. J

I was (and still am) an equipment junkie.

It is important to know that in my experience, when I’m working with equipment, my focus is different. Call it a “right-brain/left-brain” thing if you like, but I am in a different head space when I’m with my equipment. For a long time this is how I investigated. But I wanted to add to that evidence. I wanted to be able to have more of a connection in the space, if that makes sense.

Opening up my psychic side.

When I started working to open up my psychic side (with amazing teachers like William Becker and Ankasha), I noticed that what I started experiencing wasn’t what I expected. So much of what I was experiencing wasn’t what I initially expected as “psychic.” Yes, some of it came through as flashes of images or “hearing” a voice. But more of it seemed to be about how I feel.

Go against your everyday training.

For most of us, we go through our days working to ignore our bodies and our feelings. “I have a headache, it’ll go away.” “My tummy is upset, oh take a tums.” “How did I get that bruise, I don’t even remember bumping into anything.”

Start listening.

The first step is to pay attention to your body on an everyday basis. This is HARD! But is necessary. Yes, you may need to face some demons, like the coffee that upsets your tummy or the crash after the chocolate-inducing sugar high… Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you give these up. But you need to know what these notices from your body are so that when you are in a different situation, you can better understand what you may be feeling.

Listen in context.

Now that you know what your body is doing on a regular basis, you can tell when something you are feeling may be coming from some other influence. Are you feeling a sugar crash when you haven’t had sugar and you happen to be investigating and you’ve asked the room to speak to you? Guess what. It’s just possible that it is speaking to you. Just not in the language you are accustomed to.

A few examples.

Investigating in a church. A small group of us walk into a room. There is a candle on the table and matches nearby. I light the candle and sit on the couch. Now I feel suddenly nauseas, so I ask my team, does anyone else feel different in here? The answers all come back that they feel happy, light and peaceful. I move to a different chair, different part of the room. It only changes when I leave the room, feeling fine the rest of the evening. (In case you’re curious, it was later suggested that perhaps I was not supposed to have lit the candle. I cannot validate this without going back in the same conditions and not lighting the candle, or asking permission first. But it’s now a personal experience I might not have noticed.)

Investigating an old hotel. Walking down the hallway, I get dizzy in one spot. To test this, I slowly walk back and forth down the hallway and it is always in that same spot. Then I start noticing something else. As I walk down the hallway, I start realizing that as I cross into that spot, my head just falls over to the side. When it does this, it feels normal. This is why I didn’t notice it at first. Then, when I pass beyond the spot, my head pops back up to its regular position, still feeling normal. In other parts of the building, I try to tilt my head into that same position and I’m not able to without being very uncomfortable. (I later, without reporting what happened, ask others about the hallway and they tell me that in that spot, others sense someone standing there. With a neck problem.)

An example from my team who were investigating a house. Many of them started feeling tired and were cranky. Later when they were watching the video, they observed nearly all on the team seem to move more slowly, sit down more often and breathing more heavily and become more easily frustrated and short tempered with one another. (This location was later identified where one or more people had passed on from hunger.)

The two examples above are just examples of things that I would not have paid attention to if I hadn’t started focusing on listening to my body. The third is a recounting of an investigation before my time, but one that our psychic director uses as an example of listening to your body.

Note, note, note.

The most important part is to make notes. Note the time, what you’re feeling and where you are so that you can correlate that with experiences from others or even with other evidence.

And keep working on listening.

Thank you.